Coaching your way to fit.

Measure it. Manage it. Lose it.

If we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it. Body composition analysis is the answer. We start with a baseline of your body weight, body fat and muscle mass and track your weight loss results on a weekly basis.  Accountability is key. Keeping track of what’s working and what isn’t helps us evaluate your lifestyle habits and course correct when necessary. If we keep you on track, you’ll get you the results you want. Imagine that lean, shapely physique you’ve always dreamed of and better health to boot!

FREE 30-min. Coaching Session with Linda

  • Personalized assessment
  • Nutrition analysis
  • LEANPower!® basics

Eat right for life.

Diets don’t work. But changing your relationship with food and creating a livable eating plan creates lasting change. Using the LEANPower!® nutrition guidelines, Linda will customize an easy-to-follow meal plan that incorporates some of your favorite foods, ensuring a healthy balance of macronutrients. The end game? To keep you energized and feeling great throughout the day. Weekly sessions will provide the ongoing support you need to stay on track for the long-term.

Calories in. Calories burned. 

Every minute of your workout should count to create that lean physique. Are you challenging yourself enough? Are your calories burned offsetting the calories you take in? You’ll know if you’re seeing a visible difference in your body composition. Going through the motions and counting the minutes until your workout is over is leaving calories on the table, so to speak. Using science-based protocols, Linda will measure your aerobic strength and prescribe the perfect program for you to burn fat. Make every minute of your workout count!

A weekly plan takes the work out of working out. 

You can’t out-train a bad diet, but good nutrition is only half of the weight loss equation. Did you know that reducing calories without proper training can lead to muscle loss? The fittest people on the planet have a well-planned, well-executed fitness routine that completes the picture for optimal health and wellness. Linda puts together an easy-to-follow plan that customizes workouts week by week. Your Weekly Training Plan ensures that you carve out time for exercise based on your specific schedule so you feel less stress, have more energy, sleep better and feel great!