Coaching your way to fit.

Straighten up! Live pain-free and stronger.

There is a simple phrase when it comes to physical activity: Form determines function. Just like your car will not operate properly if it is out of alignment, so it is with the body. Postural abnormalities are one of the top causes of injury and physical dysfunction. Whether you are participating in a sport, training in the gym or just sitting at your desk, poor posture can be improved – if not corrected – with the right plan.

Linda has made marked changes in her clients’ physical structure and enabled them to live pain-free with full function. Her three-pronged approach is the formula:

  1. Soft tissue work to release tight muscles and tendons.
  2. Foam roller stretches to correct spinal malformations.
  3. Customized strength training program to maintain the healthy new posture.

Linda will conduct a thorough analysis of your body and create the best treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your personal needs.

FREE 30-min. Coaching Session with Linda

  • Personalized assessment
  • Nutrition analysis
  • LEANPower!® basics