Coaching your way to fit.

Move your muscles. Prevent injury.

Move well and move often is the foundational principle of the Functional Movement Systems. But what exactly is functional movement? It’s a form of exercise that simulates activities of daily life – bending, sitting, reaching, lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling, etc. – using the body as it was designed: a system of muscles working together. These motions not only engage our core muscles, or our power center, but improve balance, coordination and our entire neurological system. Weight machines found in gyms isolate individual muscles to make them strong but make our bodies neurologically less efficient.

Functional movement becomes increasingly important as you age and these skills start to decline. When joints are tight and certain muscles are weak, the risk of injury greatly increases. Linda will conduct a screening process to identify imbalances or limitations in your movement. Once these are known, she will create a treatment plan to correct them, allowing you to move freely, without pain, and to perform optimally. More specifically, Linda will help you correct:

  • Tight hamstrings, hip flexors, hips or shoulders
  • Weak glutes or core muscles
  • Lower back tightness or pain

With a focus on functional movements, you will take daily activities in stride.

FREE 30-min. Coaching Session with Linda

  • Personalized assessment
  • Nutrition analysis
  • LEANPower!® basics