Whatever you’re up against, push through.

quote2 Linda and her LEANPower! Program worked wonders. Call her today if you want real change. quote1

– Lisa B.

Where I started

After my first child, I never lost all my baby weight.  Then I had my second child and ended up being 20 pounds overweight.  None of my clothes fit, I had no energy, was exhausted all the time, and was having a hard time keeping up with my two young sons.  I tried doing cardiovascular exercise on my own and thought I was eating right, but nothing was working.  

LEANPower!® at work

With LEANPower! Linda taught me how to train and eat properly. She helped me completely shift the way I looked at food. Linda gave me a manageable program to do at home in between our sessions and held me accountable. With Linda’s help step-by-step, I saw changes over time.

See and feel the difference

As a result of Linda’s coaching, I lost 14 pounds and 6% body fat!  Today I am strong, have a ton of energy and can finally run as fast as my kids!

FREE 30-min. Coaching Session with Linda

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