Whatever you’re up against, push through.

quote2  Working with Linda has enabled me to become pain-free! Because Linda takes into account the total YOU, she also helped me connect with professional women who could help me address other areas of self-help that I needed. I’m on my way. quote1

– Kelly J.

Where I started

While my intent was to work with Linda on weight loss initially, she quickly assessed weakness from an old injury that caused pain on and off in my back and hips. I had worked with trainers for strengthening and sought help from both a chiropractor and physical therapist for quite some time, but the pain never fully went away.  Because the LEANPower! Program is all- encompassing, Linda helped me realize how important it was to address my lingering injury in the process of working on weight loss.

LEANPower!® at work

Linda has so much knowledge about fitness and her LEANPower! Program is a wonderful way to get what you want to live healthfully. But it’s not just about her assessments, her workouts or her coaching. I’ve had massages before, but her unique deep tissue release and stretching techniques made all the difference in alleviating my symptoms.  When the time was right, we focused on specific strength exercises and she set up programs for me to work on at home.  I now feel stronger and have no pain!

See and feel the difference

I’m happy to say that working with Linda has helped me become pain-free. Working through the LEANPower! Program has made me excited to do my workouts again.

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