Whatever you’re up against, push through.

quote2  I am proud and lucky to have Linda by my side. She is not only a fitness guru (all you need to do is read her amazing book) but she also offers tremendous advice on all aspects of my daily life – from making smart meal choices to taking care of myself. She is truly a fantastic life coach! quote1

– Gita K.

Where I started

At age 43, I hired Linda to help get my nutrition and weight under control, important given several personal health challenges including a rod attached to my spine to correct scoliosis, high blood pressure, underactive thyroid and high cholesterol – as well as a family history of heart disease, auto-immune disorders, diabetes and cancer. Under Linda’s care, I learned about meal planning and a workout regimen that I routinely followed to help me lose the weight. I was so pleased. Then all of a sudden, I hit 50 and my health took a nose-dive. I began gaining weight like crazy, felt unhealthy and was desperate to get back on track.  

LEANPower!® at work

I got amazing results with Linda’s LEANPower! program seven years earlier. But my old workout routine just seemed to stop working. Linda knew I needed an immediate change. She did several assessments including body composition, took inventory of fitness changes and determined what my caloric intake should be in order to lose weight. Within two unbelievably helpful sessions, Linda created an all-new meal plan and workout regimen that included strength and interval training specifically targeting my various health concerns. Linda gave me her LEANPower! book for guidance and it became my bible. It worked miracles!

See and feel the difference

Thanks to Linda’s careful planning and care, I feel healthy and fit at age 51. Despite my many health struggles, I have regained my energy, my strength and reached my weight goal. In fact, I ran my first 10K ever a couple of months ago, thanks to Linda.

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