Where I started

 I was well over 50 when I first found Linda. I had been watching extra pounds creep on year after year but I didn’t really notice it until all of a sudden I no longer recognized myself. It was hard to feel energetic or positive. I was stuck.

LEANPower!® at work

Linda immediately did an assessment of my body composition and fitness level and determined what my caloric intake should be in order to lose weight. I started tracking my daily calories, water and exercise. I was shocked at how quickly those calories add up! Linda gave me the LEANPower! book for guidance and it became my bible! Together we charted my calorie intake, meals and workout regimen.

It was crucial to meet with Linda on a weekly basis. Because she knew I was serious about my goal, she would not let me get away with excuses when I had momentary lapses and instead she got me right back on track. I learned so much about good nutrition, interval training and practical foods to eat when out for lunch or dinner. What I loved most was realizing how much I needed to plan out my weekly food/shopping items in advance.

See and feel the difference

Linda is so positive and a true life coach but she can also give you some “tough love” when necessary for you to attain your goals. It’s all about planning, tracking, exercising and feeling good — and I feel fitter than ever!

quote2  Linda is an expert not only in nutrition and fitness training, but also has a deeper understanding and insight into people and their habits…good or bad…and can help you work through issues. I feel so lucky to have found Linda. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. quote1

– Sharon D.