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Change your body, transform your life.

LEANPower!® is all about breaking through your weight loss plateau. Linda Kennedy pays forward her own personal and physical transformation as she encourages readers in a fun and supportive way to make lasting lifestyle changes toward better health and fitness. If you’re ready for change, this plan works.

LEANPower! provides:

  • A method to determine your readiness for successful weight loss that will last
  • Guidance to identify beliefs and habits in your daily life that can sabotage your success
  • Tools to remain accountable with step-by-step actions you can take each and every day
  • Important research on nutrition, health, stress reduction and disease prevention
  • Meal plans, time-saving tips for quick food preparation and workout planning
  • Science-based resistance training, cardiovascular, core and flexibility conditioning programs
  • A fun and encouraging coach guiding you along the way!

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  • Tools for behavior change
  • Balanced meal plans and time-saving tips
  • Programs for cardiovascular, core, flexibility and weight loss

Thumbs up for LEANPower!

“LEANPower! is much more than a weight loss/exercise plan – it is a program for good health for the mind, body and soul.  Linda knows her stuff, and addresses the common issues that can sabotage success with science, years of experience, and motivational coaching.  Best of all, it works and really can change your life.”
    – Kathy Sears, MD

“This book is great!  It’s the right amount of information, encouragement and actual ‘to do’s.’”
    – Trisha Khaleghi, RN, MSN, Hospital Executive

Five Star Reviews on Amazon

A must buy!
“Wow, an amazing book and an even more amazing author! Definitely recommended for anyone looking to lose weight, improve their lifestyle, and feel great!!”
    – James C.

Easy to follow.
“I really love this book! Chock full of great information about every aspect of weight loss and being in shape, as well as information about how to change your behaviors. It is easy to read and understand, and has many workbook-like pages perfect for someone who really wants to take action in addition to reading the book.”
    – Lisa K.

Finally a fitness book I can understand!
“I’ve struggled finding a fitness book that has all the information from calories and my specific metabolism, to individualized workout and fitness goals. This book has a clear representation that is easy to read and understand. Thank you Linda! In just 6 weeks I’ve already lost inches on my waist.”
– Jay K.

Just what I’ve been looking for!
“This book is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s a perfect combination of motivation, cutting-edge health and fitness information and step-by-step instructions to help me make the changes I’ve needed to for a long time. I can’t wait to share it with my friends!”
 – Amazon customer

Extremely helpful for someone of any age.
“I found this book terrifically helpful in planning my own program of eating and exercise. Although at my age I could not embark on the rigor of the entire LEANPower! program the way it was presented, many of the nutritional elements, particularly the balancing of carbs, proteins and fats, and the leveling of metabolism, will be very helpful in stabilizing my weight and well-being. The way the information was presented – letting the reader know that, “if parts of the program don’t work for you, stop and use what does” – lets you adapt without a feeling of guilt, and was very insightful on the author’s part. What also impressed me was the depth of study into related resources on fitness and nutrition and their artful integration into the book. Good job, Linda.”
 – John H.

Grab this book today!!
I highly recommend this book for anyone that wants to lose weight and keep it off! This book is also a great reference for Personal Trainers as it has helpful tips to encourage ways to make attainable lifestyle changes! Pick it up today! It will change your Life!!
 – Tracy H.    

FREE 30-min. Coaching Session with Linda

  • Personalized assessment
  • Nutrition analysis
  • LEANPower!® basics

See the difference LEANPower! can make.

Linda coaches you step-by-step, customizing the best of LEANPower! just for you. Her all-in-one system includes:

  • A 55-minute nutrition and lifestyle consultation with body composition analysis to determine your ideal weight.  Walk away with a customized healthy eating plan for your body’s specific needs.
  • A 55-minute training session to set up a customized exercise program based on your cardiovascular fitness score.
  • A copy of LEANPower!® – Change Your Body, Transform Your Life: an invaluable resource with tools for behavior change, pages of nutrition information, quick and easy food prep tips, and the latest research on food additives, inflammation, disease prevention, artificial and natural sweeteners and non-GMO foods.  It also includes a complete set of fat-burning workouts as well as weight training, cardio, core and flexibility conditioning programs.
  • Invigorating circuit training sessions that keep you burning fat all day long!  
  • Focused and supportive weekly coaching sessions, complete with action plans and follow-up assessments to track your results.