Lose weight. Keep it off for good!

Our starting point is awareness.

With any journey toward life change, awareness is the first step.  We often cannot see what is right in front of us and jump to try something new without doing the necessary introspection and planning. It’s no wonder “diets” and fads don’t work.

Linda has created four important tools to help you identify what obstacles are in the way of having the body and the life you want. These tools guide you to create a specific plan to overcome those obstacles. With considered thought and intention, daily changes can become a way of life.

Carving out the time and effort to create your plan is a powerful beginning and essential to your success. Linda helps you document that plan so you can refer to it daily. During this prep period, we will also get baseline measurements, enabling us to track your progress over time.

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  • Personalized assessment
  • Nutrition analysis
  • LEANPower!® basics

Foundation for life change.

These important tools are the foundation for your life changes:

  • Health History Questionnaire gives you the opportunity to highlight the last time you had a physical, any medications you are currently on, your cardiac, diabetes and injury history, and physical readiness for exercise.  
  • Readiness to Change. This by far is the most important tool of all.  You will be asked to rate your motivation level for making lasting lifestyle changes on a 1-10 scale, “1” meaning, “I say I want to lose weight but I’m not serious about it,” and “10” meaning, “I’m highly motivated and ready to change my lifestyle on a permanent basis in order to improve my health, lose weight and keep it off.”  
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Analysis will give us a window into your sleep habits, your food and beverage intake and frequency, and your energy level.  From this information we will create some concrete actions you can take to start improving your weight loss efforts.
  • Health and Fitness Goals Assessment will help you become very clear on what exactly it is you want to accomplish, why it’s important to you, and what has been getting in the way. This will be the turning point for your success as we develop a concrete Action Plan that addresses each obstacle (e.g., too little time, family responsibilities, a hectic job with long hours) so that you are empowered to take those small steps every day to shed those pounds and get lean!
  • Body Composition Analysis will give us a baseline of your body weight, body fat and muscle mass, allow us to track your weight loss on a weekly basis, but more importantly make sure you have lost only fat and not muscle.  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  That’s how we problem-solve your lifestyle habits to get you the results you want – that lean, shapely physique you’ve always dreamed of, and better health to boot!