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Q: I eat healthy and exercise, but my weight won't budge. What am I doing wrong?

A: This is the most common complaint I hear.  
There are a few possibilities: “Healthy” doesn’t always mean the right amount, quality or macronutrient balance of food; you might not be training hard enough to create the necessary caloric deficit over what you’re eating; you might be under-eating which can cause your metabolism to slow down to conserve energy and your body to store fat vs. burn it; you may be overtraining which will do the same thing, or a combination of these.  I will prescribe you science-based, metabolic conditioning workouts and a livable dietary plan that will help you burn the most fat possible and cause visible change in your body composition.

Q: I'm 45 years old and out of nowhere I've gained weight in my midsection. What's that about?
A: Most likely you are in or approaching perimenopause where hormonal changes often cause abdominal weight gain.  Not to worry!  First we’ll make sure your blood work is up to date to be sure your hormone levels are in the normal ranges, especially your thyroid. And although everyone’s body is different, some careful tweaks to your diet and exercise routine can make a big difference and bring your weight under control.  
Q: I’ve been dieting in a healthy way for a few months but I’m not losing any weight. What do you think the problem is?
A: There’s a chance you have nutrient deficiencies which are preventing your body from absorbing your foods properly, you may have food allergies and/or there may be inflammation in your gut.  We can do an analysis of your current nutrition and training plan, and look into an anti-inflammatory diet which has helped others in this situation.  
Q: I am a working mom with a very busy schedule. Has the LEANPower! Program helped women like me lose weight?
A: Absolutely!  Some of my best clients have been women just like you.  You will learn how to set realistic goals for yourself, become more efficient with your time and perhaps get added support.  With weekly planning, I’ll show you how to find ways to fit in even short bouts of exercise, along with lots of time-saving food preparation tips so you can grab and go with healthy and balanced meals your whole family will enjoy.
Q: What makes the LEANPower! Program different from all the other weight loss programs out there?
A: Most people who come to me have started and stopped diet plans or tried and failed over and over again, often gaining back more weight than before they started.  I wanted to put a stop to this, so I created a unique program with a careful screening and assessment process to help you go deeper and discover your true “why”, and more importantly what obstacles have been getting in the way.  From there we problem-solve one step at a time and help you make slow and steady lifestyle changes that will make you look and feel great.  LEANPower! is not a diet, it’s a livable plan that helps you reinvent your relationship with yourself, food and physical activity for lasting results.
Q: I had successful knee surgery two years ago but it still bothers me from time to time. How does the LEANPower! program address issues like that?

A: Whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, injuries are the #1 reason people lose their motivation to stay on track.  To prevent this, I conduct a Functional Movement Screen for all new clients to see where the imbalances are in their mobility, stability and flexibility, and then create a sound training program to correct them.  I want each one of my clients performing optimally for their greatest success.

Q: How long will it take me to reach my weight loss goal?

A: Since LEANPower! is a lifestyle change program and not a quick-fix, you will be learning new behaviors around food and exercise designed to last a lifetime.  How quickly you achieve your ideal weight depends upon how closely you follow the program guidelines and how your body responds.  Remember, it will be customized just for you, based on your motivation level and readiness to change.  For those who have a baseline of fitness and an active metabolism, the general rate of weight loss is about 2-3% body fat loss or 5-10 pounds per month, which is considered a healthy rate of weight loss for lasting results.


Q: I'm 62 years old. Is it too late for me to lose weight?

A: It’s never too late!  Even though the metabolism continues to slow as we age, my own mother followed the LEANPower! program when she was 70 and lost 20 pounds.  It’s all about being motivated, disciplined and consistent in your efforts, and you’ll have me to coach you every step of the way.

Q: I've heard I should build muscle as part of a weight loss program. Won't I look bulky?
A: Unless you are one of those rare women who has a high level of testosterone and builds muscle easily, not a chance.  More muscle will help to raise your metabolism, and as long as you are losing body fat simultaneously those curvy lines we all strive for will finally start to appear.
Q: My teenage daughter is having trouble with her weight. Is LEANPower! appropriate for her?

A: Yes, we’ve had numerous young people come through the program and do quite well.  As long as this is something that she wants, I would want to meet with the two of you together in the first Consultation.  I can coach her on how to make better food choices while we provide her with structured physical activity, but we require all participants under the age of 21 to see a licensed nutritionist as well.

Q: My husband is very busy and never takes time out to exercise. His diet is terrible. How do you think LEANPower! would help him?

A: Most busy people need to have an appointment to get them into the gym.  And diabetes and heart disease are greatly on the rise in our society. LEANPower! would benefit him greatly because not only will we be getting him to exercise, I will be simultaneously coaching him on ways to eat better for good health.

Q: I travel a lot. Can I still do the LEANPower! program?

A: Absolutely.  One of the things I will be coaching you on is how to “take the program with you” wherever you go.  We’ll stay in touch through email, and I will give you tips on how to keep up with your diet and training while you’re on the road.  Many people have hectic schedules, but if you never take that first step toward better health something will always get in the way.

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